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Scientists Are Exploring the Newest Technologies: Hydrogen & Plasma Power

Eight Billion Consumers are Waiting while our earth is dying from systemic abuse of our natural resources. MM Technology Will Replace Our Energy and Environmental Arch Enemies! Coal. Oil. Natural Gas. Fossil Fuel. Open Pit Mining. Fracking.

The Future of Fossil Fuels During the Transition to Alternative Energy Fossil   fuels will still provide 60% of energy in 2040, compared to 85% today, but the pattern of use will change, away from     coal and towards gas, and increasingly concentrated in industry. 

The Greatest Scientific breakthroughs in renewable green technologies have been discovered, proven and patented by our Magnetic Miles Lab team of scientists.   Our disruptive power sources are ready to be adapted to remediate the effects of Climate Change from systemic abuse of  our natural resources. We are actively seeking new investors and opportunities  for corporations to lease our renewable green technologies.

Votonx® Technologies

The world is quickly switching to electric cars and planes. But where does the electricity come from? Options are solar, wind and the emerging novel plasma heat engine: Votonx® Technology

Disruptive technology is an innovation that significantly alters the way that consumers, industries, or businesses operate. A disruptive technology sweeps away the systems or habits it replaces because it has attributes that are recognizably superior. (Investopedia)


A Flexible, Efficient Electromagnetic Power System

All of Our Power Sources Are Patented.

All of Our Technologies Are Scientifically Proven.

Scientists Found Our Work to Be Safe & Credible.

The MM1 Engine is a Revolution in Modern Technology

The MM1 is an electromagnetically driven reciprocating engine. It converts electrical energy to mechanical energy by combining multiple highly advanced technologies that allow it to achieve the efficiency that meets or exceeds the capacity of any presently available electric drive system in a stealthy, almost heatless and clean manner.

Permanent Magnet Pistons

The magnetic pistons reciprocate in the presence of digitally controlled electromagnetic fields generated by stationary coils located in each cylinder.

Recapturing Electrical Energy

The MM1 allow collapsing magnetic fields to be recaptured and instantly stored as useful electrical energy; making each stroke of the piston partially regenerative.

The MMI Operates at Peak Efficiency

The MM1 can operate at peak efficiency through a broad RPM range; in many cases eliminating the need for a transmission or gear reduction assembly.

The Amazing Potential for Our Technology

Imagine a power plant the size of a VW that could produce power for a city, island nation, remote military base. The only signature is steam which can be captured as pure water and recycled. The applications are beyond the quantum minds ability to process.